3 Minute Practice for a Heart-Centered life

Last week I was feeling vulnerable. I had a lot of feelings about launching two new yoga programs and and celebrating my birthday. Often around my birthday I hear these two voices:

“Its a big deal!” … “Its not a big deal”

“Pay attention to me!” … “don't notice me”

“I want a huge party” … “I want to hide”

Sound familiar? My feelings were inconvenient. I didn’t have time for them.

My heart was yearning for attention, but I didn't give it because I was too busy throwing a yoga party, launching a Trauma Sensitive Yoga series and hosting a birthday dinner. Best just to keep it all inside until I have more time to deal with it, I thought.

We all know the story "When I have more (time, money, clarity… fill in the blank), then I will finally (be happy, have enough, relax…feel nourished)". 

Its a lie.

The truth is I dont need to wait to feed my heart.

I can notice what I really need and nourish myself today.

I can just sit down right here where I am and listen. When I connect to my heart there’s no need to figure anything out. No need to prove anything. No story. What a relief!

What I hear is more like “yes thank you I wanted this attention”. Sometimes my heart gives me instructions like “go for a run, try painting today, wear blue” ~ easy actionable steps that bring me joy! 

In our busy, achievement-oriented world, it can be hard to remember to nourish yourself in this way (especially during those busy times when you need it the most!)

So here is my gift to you- a simple exercise that you can do in less than 3 mins to shut out the noise in your brain and connect to your heart.

I am going to do this short ritual every day for the next 40 days. I invite you to join me and see what happens.

My hope is that practicing this bit by bit will help me (and you) to live a more heart-centered and well balanced life.