Juicy Root: The Power of the Pelvis


Juicy Root: The Power of the Pelvis

Let’s start with some word play:

juicy [joo-see] Adjective

  • full of juice; succulent: a juicy pear.

  • very profitable, appealing, interesting, satisfying: a juicy part in a movie.

  • interesting or colorful, especially when slightly scandalous or improper: a juicy bit of gossip.

root [root, roo t] noun

  • a part of the body of a plant that grows downward into the soil, anchoring the plant and absorbing nutriment and moisture.

  • the fundamental or essential part: the root of a matter.

  • the source or origin of a thing

The latin word for bucket or vessel, the pelvis is a cavern that holds the mysteries of our aliveness. This place is full of all sorts of treats and treasures. The pelvis the home of our creative and healing pursuits. Physically, it is where our sensuality and sexuality live. For women, it is where we grow babies. For all of us, energetically, it is the spark of inspiration for new creative projects. This portal is called the Hara by the Taoists and is often referred to in martial arts. Hara means ‘sea of energy’, like an infinite ocean of energy. It is where we feed as babies and where we can still feed energetically as adults.

Unfortunately, in our society, we often ignore this area and do not treat it as sacred. Because of this, the pelvis can become numb, painful and clogged up. This can happen as a result of negative sexual experiences, body shame, poor posture, toxic foods and disconnection from the body. If you have experienced trauma relating to this region of your body, the pelvis will hold on tight and create what my teacher Ana refers to as “emotional pussballs”. These can cause lower back pain, digestive issues and tightness in the hips and legs. It also closes off the energy circulation from the legs to the upper body and can cause you to feel ungrounded.

When your pelvis is shut down, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to feel sexual pleasure. Naomi Wolf, author of Vagina: A New Biography, was having a hard time feeling sexual pleasure. She discovered that she was not alone, so she went on a mission to discover why so many women report being unable to orgasm. What she found was incredible ~ that her own lack of pleasure sensations was not a mental or emotional block, but was due to an injury in her low back! When she healed her back her orgasms came back as well. This is a huge discovery because it means that as you heal and open your hips, legs and abdomen (the pelvic region), you are also opening up the doorway to more pleasure in your life.

Unclogging the pelvis can free up space for pleasure not only sexually, but in other areas of your life. When you free up this region it creates space for the abundant creation of art, music, writing, relationships, and work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel grounded and energized in all of these areas of life?

I have designed a special class series to get your root juiced up and vibrant again. In this series I will teach techniques that will thaw out the numbness and help you connect to pleasure, vitality and aliveness in your root. This can help increase the level of pleasure that you experience in daily life as well as your connection to the earth and to all grounding aspects of life like money, home, relationships and sensuality.

learn more about the Juicy Root class series!

If you cannot join me for the class, try this Root-Juicing Routine at home:

  • Move your hips in a circle, like you are stirring a big pot of soup with your tailbone. Bend your knees and relax your pelvic floor. Every time you feel your butt begin to clench, relax and exhale. Do 10 counts in each direction.

  • Bring your hands to a wall and rise onto your tip toes. Lightly tap your heels down onto the floor one at a time. Allow the vibrations to jiggle your leg muscles and glut muscles. Relax your pelvic floor.

  • Come into a downward dog and giggle your muscles up and down, allowing your low back to release.

  • Rest in childs pose for 5 breaths.

  • Sit and feel your root. Notice if there is an increased sense of aliveness. Breathe down into your pelvic bowl.

Wishing you all increased juice, vibrancy and pleasure in your core!