What Students are saying…


"Before the class, I spent a lot of time disassociated from my body. In the class, I found myself spending more time there and really feeling what it's like to live in my own body."

"This is a practice that I can use to be physically safer, more aware, and more like I actually can begin to feel like I am worthy of the space my physical being takes up on this planet"

"I was able to significantly reduce my anxiety level by sitting down with the computer and engaging with you. The practice helped. Seeing you helped. Knowing how well you understand trauma helped. Knowing that I can come to the screen and call this up as many times as I need it has given me an entirely new tool in my armamentarium of ways to "keep my ish together", and that in itself is a huge, HUGE gift."

"Thank you for your time, your sincere commitment to helping people heal in a sound, evidenced based practice, your beautiful shining light that is as powerful on camera as in person...A deep bow of gratitude to you."

"My nervous system is on overdrive, and I am dealing with pain so intense that it's all I can do to stay in my skin. I'm writing to let you know that you are helping me get through this with the increasing body memory of the yoga practice we are building step by step, through the ability to come to class or call you up on the screen and engage with you instead of my trauma that's threatening my entire being right now, through the sincerity of your dedication to helping people heal."


"I just watched your video and I had to write say thank you. Your neurology is sound- as someone with an advanced degree in neuroscience I so appreciate your solid knowledge. It adds a layer of safety for me knowing how well trained and astute you are. Thank you for making this available for us to watch repeatedly."

*These quotes were offered from student who have participated in Reclaim Your Body either online or in person. Their names are being kept anonymous to maintain privacy. Thank you for reading.