Healing Trauma Through Movement

Fall Series: Oct 14- Dec 16

Registration closes soon!

Trauma is stored in our bodies.

As the result of trauma, your body can become shut down & difficult or scary to feel. You may feel like empty, worthless, overwhelmed with depression, anxiety or panic attacks.

Maybe you just want to breathe again.

You are not stuck. There is a way to change this. Through movement, you can get in touch with your essential worthiness. You can grow a deeper level of self love and acceptance.

It’s possible to experience more power and pleasure in your life.

If you struggle with…

  • Ignoring your body and “numbing out”

  • Having intense (and unpredictable) reactions

  • Depression, low self esteem

  • Anxiety or panic attacks

  • Feeling unsafe in your body

  • Chronic pain or continual physical injuries

If you want to…

  • Learn how to self-regulate before you "fly off the handle”

  • Experience more ease in your body

  • Gain confidence and control

  • Dedicate time to self care & healing

  • Integrate the therapeutic work you are doing in a holistic setting

  • Belong to a supportive community that is attuned to the unique needs of trauma survivors

…Then Reclaim your Body is for you!

“This series changed my life. I learned how to be kinder to myself and that changes everything.”

- Reclaim Your Body participant

“I am much more patient with myself and mindful of my body than I was before.”

- Reclaim Your Body participant

Registration closes on Sunday Oct 13

Reclaim Your Body provides a space for you to take exquisite care of yourself.

Yes, we are practicing body connection and resolving trauma, but what we are really doing is becoming more precious to ourselves.

Move your body in a way that feels truly nourishing to you.

Through a series of gentle movements you will be invited to notice sensations. You will be invited to stretch, engage your muscles and relax. You will be invited to listen.

Everything is offered as an invitation.

Each activity is optional. Multiple variations are offered in each physical form and you will be encouraged to choose your level of participation moment to moment.

Together we will practice making choices and taking effective action.

You are in control of your experience throughout the class and will be encouraged to opt in or out as we go. We will practice boundaries and listening to ourselves.

This protocol rewires your brain and nervous system to integrate and transcend trauma. 

I believe that your body knows what you most need in each moment. We will practice listening to our bodies and allowing our embodied intelligence to have plenty of space to grow strong.

“This created a safe space where I could feel okay”

- Reclaim Your Body participant

You will learn how to…

  • Respond effectively to triggers

  • Find your power even when you feel stuck

  • Feel more centered and grounded

  • Recognize your preferences and desires

  • Honor your boundaries

  • Work with intense emotions

  • Appreciate your body as a resource

    "Before the class, I spent a lot of time disassociated from my body. In the class, I found myself spending more time there and really feeling what it's like to live in my own body."

    - Reclaim Your Body participant

This class is for:

  • Survivors of physical, emotional, mental, sexual or medical abuse

  • People who have experienced neglect, bullying, systemic oppression

  • Both folks who have little experience with embodiment and experienced movers

  • Trauma survivors who identify as women, genderqueer women or gender nonconforming (although this class is not for cis men, I can provide referrals)

Your journey includes…

  • Weekly 90-minute group class

  • Access to library of online video classes

  • Weekly journaling prompts & suggested reading

  • Email support throughout the program

Class Details:

The weekly group classes include group discussion, live education around important trauma themes and an extended embodied practice. They also foster community and offer an opportunity to learn from each other. In an effort to make this course accessible to people with various schedules, there are three different weekly class times available.

You can choose which group to attend:

  • Mondays 4:30 - 6pm Oakland

  • Mondays 6:30 - 8pm Oakland

The group classes are held at a peaceful therapeutic space called Temple Dara, 4920 Telegraph ave. Oakland. Group sizes are limited to 8 participants each, in order to cultivate safety and continuity.

Course Content:

  • Week 1- Getting Started: Laying a fertile foundation

  • Week 2 - Experiencing the Present Moment: Moving from dissociation to connection

  • Week 3 - Making Choices: Going from feeling stuck to seeing the possibilities

  • Week 4 - Taking Effective Action: How to get out of freeze and into empowered action

  • Week 5 - Creating Rhythms: Creating healthy biorhythms to sustain your energy levels

  • Week 6 - Building Curiosity: Healing deep self judgment with compassion

  • Week 7 - Breathing: How to use breath as a tool for self-regulation

  • Week 8 - Grounding: How to calm down when you are feeling scattered and overwhelmed

  • Week 9 - Finding your Center: What does it mean to organize your life around wholeness instead of being broken?

  • Week 10 - Integration: How to integrate these practices into your day to day life for ultimate thriving


In an effort to make this healing practice available to as many people as possible, it is being offered on an income-based sliding scale model. Please keep in mind that you are supporting a woman-owned small business and that when you contribute financially, you ensure to the life of the program. Your honesty in selecting your bracket is deeply appreciated.


What participants say:

“I am devoting more time to self-care without effort which is amazing to me.”

“There was no pressure to compete, keep up, push hard, or act in a specific way. It felt like a warm, soft, quiet, safe-haven to come to each week.”

“It was a little retreat from the world of rushing, external focus, and fitting in.”

“Kelsey is great, she makes it feel safe, she makes it easy to stay in the present. In the beginning, Kelsey was always very clear about what to expect, and confirms everything so you know when and where to go. She's very calming and she reminds you of choices you can make to feel more comfortable.”

“My awareness of my own body, its movements and placement, and the relation to physical sensations within my body has improved from this class.”

“Since I had become kind of isolated I was having trouble wanting to be around other people. This class was an easy first thing to do to be around people without having to talk, staying busy doing something that is relaxing and safe. So I appreciated that about the group setting.”

“I'm learning and gaining from the time spent focusing on my body in this sensitive and supportive way.”

“I have responded to my trauma by "toughing things out" to the point of illness, so having time to feel compassion for myself and my body has been a healthy step.”

“I'm so grateful to have participated in this spiritual, fun, and straight up juicy circle, as it opened my body and my womb and set a delicious tone for my week of physical and mental challenges and opportunities.”

“Kelsey helped me clear something deep - to help me get in touch with a part of myself that had not been out to play for many many years... And since, life has definitely been a ton more fun.”

If you deeply desire to reconnect with your body but you have been waiting for the right time- this is your doorway. This class is for you.


Registration closes at 9pm on Friday, Oct 11th

Questions? Schedule a phone call with Kelsey or email for more info!

Kelsey answers the most common questions about the Reclaim Your Body 10-week healing series that starts on October 14th, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I can't attend all of the classes, can I still join the series?

A: Yes! It is common that folks can't make every single session. As long as you can make it to most, it is ok to miss up to 2 classes in the series. Each class has a pre-recorded online video that you can use to practice from home as a make up for the missed class.

Q: Can I join the series even if I don't have sexual trauma?

A: Yes. This course is for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. This is any experience that was so overwhelming that you body could not process it at the moment and your body is holding onto the memory. This could stem from medical, emotional, psychological or institutional harm, sudden change, abuse, loss or oppression.

Q: Is the class mostly talking or mostly movement?

A: Each class is 90 minutes long, and is about half talking, half movement. Each week we talk about the trauma theory theme of the week, have a council-style check-in with the circle followed by a discussion and Q&A. We always open with a short seated embodiment practice and finish class with a longer, 30 minute standing Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice.

Q: How is this different than talk therapy?

A: This group is not talk therapy and Kelsey is not a talk therapist. In talk therapy, participants share the details of their life stories and you can go home feeling like you are taking on other people's stuff. In RYB, people are invited to share how their body feels without going into the story. We get a chance to focus on the physical state of our bodies instead of the mental story.

Q: How is it different than a yoga class?

A: Most yoga classes do not focus specifically on mental health and psychological wellbeing. This class is based on a clinical adjunctive treatment for Complex Trauma that has been studied and proven to reduce symptoms of PTSD and complex trauma. It comes from the western medical tradition and is based on extensive research. This sets it apart from yoga in general and from other forms of "yoga for trauma".

Q: How big are the class sizes?

A: Class sizes are limited to 8 participants per group, and are closed after the course has begun. This ensures that we can cultivate the most safeand sacred space possible for everyone.

Q: When will the next series be?

A: This is the last time I will be offering Reclaim Your Body at this price point. Starting in 2020 the structure of the course will change and the prices will go up. Now is the last opportunity to join the in-person groups at this rate.

Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes. Email me at to set one up :)

Q: Do you have work trade spaces available?

A: Yes! I have a work trade space available in each class. Email me to learn more.