Reclaim Your Body

Welcome! Thank you for choosing to dedicate your precious time and attention to being with your body in this way. This practice is designed to support you in connecting to your body in a way that feels supportive to your needs. I am so glad that you are here and I know that the powerful act of choosing to spend time being with your body can be life changing. Perhaps pausing for a moment to acknowledge yourself for choosing to be here, to become curious and to try something new. 

Here are a few things to get us started...


Theme of the week: Each video will begin with a 10-15 minute discussion about the theme of the week. The themes will help you understand why we are doing this practice the way we are doing it. 

Physical Practice: The second part of each video will be about 45 minutes of an embodied Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice guided by me. You will be invited to make choices, notice sensations in your body and to stay connected to your comfort level as we move through various forms. I will always give multiple options for each movement and you will be in control of your movements the whole time.


Setting up space to practice: You may want to create a little space to move. I recommend choosing a place where you can have some quiet and privacy and will not be interrupted for the hour that you are practicing. You are welcome to use a yoga mat but you don't need one. You can also support yourself by gathering pillows, blankets or a chair to use during your practice.

Setting up time to practice: Even though you can watch the recording at any time, I recommend making a consistent place and time for your practice each week (or every day) so that you are tuning in with your body on a consistent and rhythmic basis.


Workbook: Check your email to find a printable PDF workbook. It contains an introduction to the practice and some suggested reading and writing prompts. Feel free to use it as inspiration or to print it out and use it as a guide.

Suggested Reading:  If you'd like to learn more about TCTSY history and theory, I recommend getting the book Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga by David Emerson. There are corresponding chapters to each theme in the manual that you can follow along with. The reading is totally optional and it's about 1-3 pages per week. The book is available for about $13 on Amazon.


Questions? Email me at if any questions or curiosities come up during the course.

May this material be truly helpful and supportive in your healing process.