4. Creating Rhythms

Journal Questions:

Perhaps give yourself 2 minutes per question. There are no right or wrong answers!

  1. In your day to day life, what rhythms do you notice? (sleep, eating, breathing etc.)

  2. What is your relationship like with transitions? (going from being asleep to awake, in the shower to out of the shower etc.)

  3. What does transition feel like in your body? What happens in your body when you switch modes or rhythms?

Optional Homework:
If you would like to learn more about creating rhythms, here are some resources you can check out.

Embodied Practice suggestion:

This week, I invite you to continue to practice CREATING RHYTHMS. 

  • Throughout your week, perhaps noticing rhythms in your own. For example you might notice the rhythm of your breath moving, your heart beating or your feet walking. 

  • On a larger scale, how do rhythms show up in your relationship with time? Do you have structures or predictable systems set up? Do you have a time to wake up, go to sleep eat meals etc? If not, you might try implementing one predictable element to your day. 

  • Perhaps pay special attention to transition moments. Going from sleeping to waking up, from in the shower to outside the shower... do you tend to freeze in these moments or flow through them? Perhaps tracking your relationship to change and transition. 

  • If you are curious, you might try adding some rhythmic activities into your week. You could rocking your body side to side or squeeze opposite arms, try dancing, playing drums, running, knitting...anything that brings you into a creative flow.  

all life is a flow of rhythm, interconnected and flowing with time.