7. Grounding

Journal Questions: Perhaps give yourself 2 minutes per question. There are no right or wrong answers!

  1. Perhaps reflect on times throughout the past week when you have made a connection with the ground.

  2. Are there any places in nature that feel relatively safe or grounding to you? What are the elements of earth or ground that exist in that place?

  3. If you would like, you can draw or write about the place mentioned above, or the place you visualized during our first group call. This place can become a point of grounding for you.

Optional Homework:

You are welcome to integrate the practice of grounding even further with the following assignments...

Embodied Practice suggestion:

This week, I invite you to continue to practice GROUNDING. 

  • At any time during the day, you could practice noticing your feet. You could look at them or shift your weight side to side. Perhaps notice he sensation of the ground underneath you. 

  • You ca use the ground to up regulate (pushing down into the floor to gain momentum and use your muscles) or to down regulate (relaxing and resting down towards the surface underneath you).

  • Perhaps use noticing the ground as a ritual at the beginning or end of an activity as a way to support yourself during transitions. 

Gravity is a force that is reliable and always present on earth.