3. Taking Effective Action

Journal Questions:

Perhaps give yourself 2 minutes per question. There are no right or wrong answers!

  1. What has it been like to notice making choices this past week?

  2. What have you learned about your relationship to making choices?

  3. If you were to ask your body, “what would you have me do/say/eat/wear”, how would that effect your choices?

  4. In this moment, what small, do-able action can you take towards increased ease or comfort?

Optional Homework:
If you would like to learn more about taking effective action, here are some resources you can check out.

Embodied Practice suggestion:

This week, I invite you to continue to practice TAKING EFFECTIVE ACTION. 

  • Throughout your week, perhaps notice when you feel uncomfortable or pain and see if there is some way that you can make a small move to feel better, more comfortable or more in control of your body. 

  • If you feel stuck, you can ask yourself these questions: What are the possibilities here? Even though I cant control everything, what CAN I control? What options DO I have? What DO I have control over? 

  • Practice making choices and then noticing afterward "What was the effect?" It is ok if sometimes you make a choice and notice that the effect was painful or challenging. In each new moment of awareness you are free to make a new choice. 

In each new moment of awareness, you can make a new choice.