{Daylong Expressive Arts Workshops}

Upcoming dates: March 23 + May 4

at Creative Juices Arts, Oakland, Ca

We were born to create. 

We are full of magic. We hold potent creative and healing fire in our bodies. Naturally, we all yearn to express ourselves.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that does not support our creative expression. When we are subjected to criticism and judgement when we step out on a limb to share our creative selves, the pain of rejection can be so strong that it can snuff our creative fire right out.

When was the last time you felt safe enough to share your voice? Your art? Your dance?

During this daylong expressive arts immersion, we will begin to unravel these artistic blocks. Together we will weave a safe container that will hold you in your natural unfolding. You will have the chance to paint and move authentically for YOU!

You will leave the day with a painting and a sense of embodied liberation and authenticity.

Are you ready to connect with other wildly creative people and create some magic?

let’s visualize together. 

Each immersion corresponds to a cross-quarter holiday on the pagan calendar. We will begin by tuning into the energies and elements that are most potent at that time of year. You will have an opportunity to enter into ritual space as we cast our opening circle and tune into the natural cycle of the year.

We will warm up with some embodied practices that will support you to connect you to the center of your creative vitality. You can expect to gently stretch, breathe and practice authentic, playful movement that expresses your uniqueness. From this open and embodied place, you will set the foundation for a potent day of creation!

You will be introduced to the Intuitive Painting process with Kelsey. You will be guided to paint freely, without planning your execution. This art creation space is free of critique and judgement (at least from the outside!). You will have the opportunity to paint from your gut, not from your brain. To express the depths of your soul’s yearnings with color, shape and form.

There will be plenty of time for sharing in circle, connecting with a unique and creative group of creatives and being in silent reflection in your own creative process.

Sample flow of the day: 10am -5pm

  • Opening Circle

  • Embodied practice

  • Introduction to Intuitive Painting

  • Lunch

  • Archetypal exploration

  • Intuitive Painting

  • Closing Circle


Upcoming workshop dates:

Equinox: March 23

Beltane: May 4


Each workshop is from 10 - 5pm (with a lunch break in the middle)


Workshops held at the magical Creative Juices Arts Studio, at 432 Bellevue Ave. Oakland, CA

Right next to Lake Merrit and walking distance from the lake, cafes and restaurants


Contribution: $125/for the day or $200 for both workshops!

Includes all paint, paper and art materials and a healthy vegetarian lunch

Space limited to 12 participants per workshop. Register soon to save your spot.


“The container was supremely held.  I was so impressed by not only the opening and closing ritual/shares, but the way in which Kelsey handled the wide depth and breadth of emotion during the painting. I NEEDED this workshop so badly - it was everything I had hoped, and honestly, way more.”

- Rebecca  

“ Thank you ladies for an awesome day! It was a gift to fill up my soul. The painting was the best!  I would do it all again, and bring a friend ;)”


“Kelsey provided a safe, comfortable environment for the ladies to explore, let go, and grow. This isn't just a day of painting, it's soul work! Loved it and would highly recommend to friends”


"Working with Kelsey has been a dream. Don't be fooled by her spunk- this mama is downright fierce when it comes to helping women traverse the rocky waves of the soul. She provides a super safe and unabashedly expressed environment to give permission for others to do so. The intuitive painting process was unlike anything I've ever experienced: I had no idea painting was so therapeutic! It brought up some deeeeep dark emotions I haven't had the ability to access. THANK YOU KELSEY!"


“The workshop was a really inspiring and valuable experience! I love all day classes - it feels like being back in school. I hope you put together more events like this in the future. I would definitely want to be first in line to sign up!”

- Jen