Thursdays 4:00 - 5:30pm

April 12 - June 14

$495- $595 sliding scale
for all 10 classes





Cultivating Self Love

a continued practice for returning students

This 10-week series is an opportunity to continue the healing practice of Trauma Sensitive Yoga and hone your capacity to feel your body, make choices and cultivate a felt sense of safety.

As a returning student, you have already became familiar with basic trauma theory and gained meaningful tools for responding to trauma responses. 

This second series will build upon that foundation. We will work on some familiar forms and also explore new ways of moving and more in-depth embodied inquiry.

This class will include an opening circle with the chance to check in with the group and build community to support your practice. 

We will work with a similar physical practice structure, adding new and different forms, experiments and themes. This series will offer an opportunity to work with inquires such as cultivating discipline and choice, tolerating discomfort and pleasure, and developing acceptance and boundaries. 

The class is open to anyone who has completed the 10 week introductory series with Kelsey. 

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