This women's-circle-meets-yoga series is for women who are yearning for a deeper connection to their own sexual and creative life force. A woman's womb is a powerful source of life, creativity and identity.

When a woman's root is vital, she has access to an overflowing stream of healthy energy (aka JUICE). Tapping into this juice is sexy, exhilarating and fun!

Unfortunately, in a culture that supports body-shame, collapsed posture and sexual mis-education, women can easily become shut down, numb or tense around their pelvic region. This numbing cuts us off from our powerful center and can cause pain, exhaustion and depression. Without a strong root, it can feel frustratingly impossible to access creativity, sensual pleasure and confidence.

In a sacred space with other incredible women, we will practice movement, breathing and meditation all in service to "Juicing Your Root".

In a sacred space with women, you will

  • Practice movement breathing meditation all in service to nurturing our wombs.

  • Claim the power that lives in your core and become more balanced and confident in your life.

  • Watch your creativity and relationships bloom with your renewed connection to your essential erotic intelligence.

  • Dynamic breath practices focused on the root chakra will spark aliveness and vitality in pleasure centers.

  • Stop settling for the mundane and embody your most awesome, wild and juicy self!


The Berkeley Yoga Center, Studio C

2121 Bonar St. Berkeley, CA



5/9 ~ Pleasure

5/16 ~ Passion

5/23  ~  Celebrate



$25 - 1 class Drop in

$60 - 3 class pass


This class is for female-identified folks of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Those who have experienced trauma, disconnection or challenges with their womb and/or sexuality are welcome to join. This is a fully clothed class and will not involve sexual stimulation. Kelsey will bring her expertise as a trauma sensitive yoga facilitator to hold a fiercely compassionate container for safe exploration.

juicy love notes

(what women are saying...)

“That workshop gave me belly laughs, dance moves, and deep insights into my body's potential for movement. It has been a gift that keeps on giving! Not only did I have FUN but I came into relationship with my body, particularly the sensual/more shameful parts of my body, in a new and transformative way. I LOVE Kelsey and the work she does to help reconnect women to their wombs, sexiness, and aliveness.” ~ Kristen

"Kelsey embodies powerful "spark" medicine that works to reignite/reactivate your flame of aliveness. She helped me clear something deep - to help me get in touch with a part of myself that had not been out to play for many many years... And since, life has definitely been a ton more fun. Yeah "joo-sie" Let's play.” ~ Nancy

“Kelsey brings her strong and beautiful feminine energy to move deep and let go! Be ready for an experience that will cleanse and renew your whole being.” ~ Jessie

“I'm so grateful to have participated in this spiritual, fun, and straight up juicy circle, as it opened my body and my womb and set a delicious tone for my week of physical and mental challenges and opportunities. I felt fully in my physical form after taking this workshop and would recommend her to anyone wishing to feel more aligned with their divine feminine. ” 

~ Anika