Healing Trauma through Movement

An Introductory Workshop

Monday, June 11th

6:30 - 8pm // $25

@ The Berkeley Yoga Center (2121 Bonar st. Berkeley, CA) 

Are you curious about healing trauma through the body?  

Join Kelsey for an in person workshop to introduce this innovative body-centered approach to healing trauma.

This Workshop will include...

  • Discussion on trauma-sensitive movement practices
  • Research on trauma & the body
  • Sample movement class
  • Q & A.

WHAT: This is a community event to help spread awareness about the growing field of trauma treatment. 

WHO: Clinicians, yoga teachers, trauma survivors and folks who might be interested in joining the group series are all welcome. 

WHEN: Monday, June 11th, 6:30-8pm

WHERE: The Berkeley Yoga Center, Studio C (2121 Bonar st.) 

RECIPROCITY: Your investment of $25 includes access to the live workshop on June 4th + a complimentary recording of the webinar.

Are you interested in an online workshop that you can attend from anywhere in the world? 

If so, see the Online Introductory Webinar.