Embodied trauma resolution  

Training for clinicians & yoga teachers

Saturday March 17th {2:30 - 6:00 pm}

@ The Berkeley Yoga Center

Learn how to apply Trauma Sensitive Yoga theory in your own yoga or therapeutic practice. This introductory training will prepare you to incorporate innovative Trauma Sensitive Yoga techniques into your existing practice as a yoga teacher or clinician, so that you can be more effective in working with clients who have experienced complex trauma or PTSD. 

 You do not have to belong to an agency to participate. It is my hope that in addition to gaining skills as a practitioner, you will make meaningful connections with the other participants in the training group. Following this training we can support each other to share the helpful wisdom of Trauma Sensitive Yoga within our rich Bay Area healing community. 

You will learn:

  • The theoretical underpinnings of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  • Current research on the efficacy of TCTSY

  • How to use trauma-sensitive language with your clients

  • Tips on how to incorporate trauma sensitivity into your work

  • How to work with vicarious trauma and exposure to trauma in the workplace

You will take home:

  • 3  TCTSY practice videos

  • Resource list with books, websites and additional training options

  • A written TCTSY sequence for your use

  • Handout with grounding exercises to use in your practice

Investment: $80 before March 1, 2018, $100 after

I look forward to sharing this life-changing information with you.