Welcome! Thank you for being here and for taking some time to learn more about embodied healing.

May this video offer hope, inspiration and some helpful tools that you can apply right away for more ease in your body today.

If you've experienced trauma, chances are, you have felt unsafe in your body.

Unfortunately, we can't always control our external environments or the world around us and unfair, unjust and terrible things do happen.

However, we can change our physiology and our reactions so that we can have an easier experience of the here and now.

What if safety was a felt experience you could cultivate through embodied practice?

During this webinar, Kelsey Gustafson, embodied trauma resolution facilitator, introduces a body-centered approach to healing trauma.

The 60-minute video includes...

~ Basic trauma theory

~ Guided somatic healing practices

~ Q & A from live participants

I sincerely hope that this video provides some helpful information and practices for you!